Welcome to Dog Sledding Iceland!

The only company providing dog sledding trip on the land of Ice and Fire!

Dogsledding Iceland is the first and still only professional dogsledding kennel in Iceland having provided dogsledding tours throughout the highlands and glaciers of Iceland since 1998. Working with Greenlandic dogs, traditionally used by the Inuit people of Greenland, they provide people with an experience unique in the world of dogsledding. Greenlandic dogs are tough, hardy and stubborn sled dogs known for their strength and ability to resist any kind of extreme weather conditions. Working through anything with their tails wagging, not bothered by what mother nature throws at them.

By using this unique breed of dogs this company offers people an insight to the traditional uses of sled dogs in comparison to the widely used Alaskan Huskies which are often more used for their speed instead of their strength and don‘t do well in extreme climates.

The main concern of the company is always the well being of the dogs and therefore you will find them moving around the island always looking for the best snow conditions for the dogs. These people have a serious passion and addiction to mushing and live with their dogs wherever they set up camp. Often living in cars or tents without any luxury for up to 9months of the year. Making each tour a different and unique experience for adventurous outdoors people. As well as offering shorter intro‘s to the sport of dogsledding for people who are less excited about the Icelandic climate than they are.



















This company is a family owned business with Siggi and Klara at the head of the company always willing to help and provide people with advice for their holidays. Siggi has a history of 16years in the Icelandic police force before taking on the challenge of running dogs and through his vast knowledge of the land always knows the best places to run his dogs and make safe trails with beautiful views to enjoy the best the Icelandic nature has to offer. Meeting Klara through their work as musher she has become his girlfriend as well as an invaluable part of the company taking care of many things for the company besides her main passion in life: dogsledding. The latest addition to this small family owned business is their 2-year old daughter Marylou, she is already showing great interest in the “woof-woof’s” and loves to be outside playing in the snow.