Once in a lifetime experience

Welcome to Dog Sledding Iceland!

The only company providing dog sledding trip on the land of Ice and Fire!

The company „Dog Steam Tours“ was founded in 1998 by Denis after traveling for about 3years across the icy Greenland by dog sled, he brought home 8 Pure Greenlandics Eskimos dogs and started the first dog sledding company in Iceland.

In April 2007 the company changed name to Dog Sledding and owner to Siggi. He started with 16dogs.

In April 2010 due to the massive amount of ashes in the South coast the dog sledding Summer location has changed from Mýrdalsjökull glacier to Langjökull glacier. The volcano Eyjafjallajokull who made the little island very popular at that time has changed the glacier which became and still now unsuitable for dog sledding tours.

In March 2011 the company has participated to it first race and haven´t stop since

In December 2011 Siggi designed new sleds upon the request of the big American channel of MTV for „the battle Exe“ show. Since that we have switch all of our big Greenlandics authentic wooden sleds to a lighter, easy sled, where the Musher stands on the back to drive.

In 2012 our trial period for the new tours has worked out with a brilliant success. We count now up to 4 different tours in Summer and 5 in December which cover everyone desire and capabilities.


Klara originally from France fall in love with the beauty of the country in 2010 and joined the company in January 2011. During the Summer season 2012 Klara and “little one in the belly” are currently staying in the South coast (a little cozier than the glacier) to take of your bookings, the dog sledding phone line and the new generation of sled dogs still too young for the big white adventure. They are looking forward to be back on the white trail very soon


Siggi served the country as a police man in Reykjavik and Vik for 16 years, also member of the rescue squash in Vik, he has a great knowledge the country particularly the highlands and the glacier, you are in good hands.