We are located in  HOLMASEL which is in the South Coast about an hour from Reykjavik near Selfoss

Accessible by any kind of vehicle.

You will find map and directions under “Where to go


All our tours are offered with and without transfer (optional for additional cost) you need to choose that option when making your reservation


Tour option DOG 1

Our location is within one hour from Reykjavik city and includes asphalt and gravel road (no F roads).

It is easy to get to us if you follow the map and directions from our “Where to go” page.

Due to fast changing road conditions in the winter (from November through April), we recommend 4×4 vehicle  (no responsibility will be taken if you are not able to make it to the meeting point without a 4×4 at this period)

From May to October our location is accessible by any kind of vehicle.

 Here you can see the road conditions – it is good to check on them before you start driving.

Always make sure to leave early enough to have time to drive carefully to our location, estimate longer driving time if snow/ frost/ strong rain/ wind/ fog is affecting the roads.



Tour option DOG 1 + TRANSFER and DOG 1 + GOLDEN CIRCLE

Stress- free! Our professional driver guide drives you through the beautiful Icelandic roads and share their knowledges about their country. You will be transported in a mini van with a maximum of 12 passengers

Note that we need a minimum of 4 participants (adults) to arrange a transfer (Notice we gather 4 or more passengers into a group).

If your group is smaller than 4 adults,  it is possible to open the tour for you to book.However, if within 2 weeks prior to the date, we have not reach the minimum of 4 adults requested we would have to cancel the departure.

You would then receive a 100% refund. Unless you are willing to book a private transfer service.

It is possible to request to be picked up elsewhere than in Reykjavík but contact us before booking for a private transfer quote – If you plan to stay in Reykjavik but haven’t booked accommodation yet, it is ok to contact us later to confirm the pick up place

PRICE LIST transfer only:


Transfer DOG 1: 14.600 isk pp    / Transfer DOG 1 + Golden Circle: 24.600 isk pp


Transfer from/to  Keflavik airport / Grindavik (Blue lagoon) to Reykjavik (on way):   18.000 isk pp (+ 3.600isk pp from the 6th passenger)


Pick up from Reykjavik to Holmasel: 58.400isk (+ 14.600 isk pp from 5th passenger)

Including drop off in Reykjavik


Pick up from: Hotel Ranga to Holmasel : 78.000isk (+ 19.500 isk pp from 5th passenger)

Including drop off at Hotel Ranga

Include the Golden circle for an additional 18.000isk ( + 24.000 isk pp from 5th passenger) 

Private driver for the day: 108.000isk ( + 27.000 isk pp from 5th passenger) 



There is no public transportation to our location.


Not recommended by us. To use as a very last resort.

Price variable depending on “who” you are asking to, but roughly the same cost as a private transfer with us (for a minimum of 4passengers) beware of the non english speaking driver.

Our recommendations: 

  • Get a fixed price for the drive
  • Give the map to the driver  here
  • Get the driver to wait for you on the location
  • Make sure to leave early enough to get to us on time


We are only operating a one hour tour

  1. DOG 1 without transfer

This tour is easy and accessible to everyone within the fitness requirements mentioned in step 1

This is our cheapest tour and you will need to rent a car to get to us (note some part of the year a 4×4 is mandatory)

Recommended with children

2.  DOG 1 including transfer from Reykjavik

This tour is easy and accessible to everyone within the fitness requirements mentioned in step 1

On this tour you will be picked up and dropped off by your hotel reception, this is a stress free tour.

If you are not comfortable driving on gravel road, snowy, icy roads we recommend you this option

3. DOG 1 including transfer from Reykjavik and Golden circle

This tour is easy and accessible to everyone within the fitness requirements mentioned in step 1, we do not recommend this tour to young children due to the length of it.

On this tour you will combine activity and attraction on just one day, ideal if you are staying for a short time in Iceland and want to see as much as possible.

You will be picked up and dropped off by your hotel reception, and taken around the Golden circle. This is a stress free tour.


First of all Dog Sledding is a sport

Not just for the dogs but also for the musher and any other person involved. It´s an outdoor activity which means it is very much dependant on the weather and conditions outside, and we work with live animals. Part of what makes this sport so amazing is that every single run is different. The snow conditions are different, the weather is different, it´s a different day for the dogs, you might take out a team in a different setup than usual. There is no ‘’normal’’.

Any musher worth his while, will help his dogs if the conditions dictate this. This means that in warm temperatures, through deep snow, breaking trails, going up hills and other difficult terrain we are helping out the dogs as much as we can. As a passenger booking the tour you are also expected to participate in this when necessary. This is part of dogsledding.



Dogsledding accommodates persons of virtually any fitness level (BMI below 30) calculate here you BMI. However, if you are seriously out-of-shape (for example, if you find walking a mile to be exhausting), then our trips may be too challenging.

If you have basic fitness (that is, if you could walk 2-3 miles without much difficulty), then you’d enjoy our short trips.

If you’re moderately fit or better (and could handle, for example, a 5-mile walk), then you’d enjoy all our trips.

We’re happy to accommodate various health conditions and disabilities upon request.



Our weight limit is set by the sled manufacturer (breaking point at 100kg)

We are working in Iceland on difficult uneven terrain, therefore our sled take a lot of beatting, flexing in the curves and side slops.

We can’t guarantee safety on the ride if we go above this, therefore we have set our weight limit to 95kg/ 210lbs/ 15stones per person to guarantee safety on tours

We do have some flexibly when the tours are operated on Dry-land

Version 2


Dogsledding is NOT suitable during pregnancy


We recommend children to be at least 6 years old to join our dog Sledding tour.

The most suitable tour with young children is the short day tour: Amazing 1h tour / DOG 1

The most suitable months are April and  August through November (least cold temperatures).

Contact us prior booking to see if you are eligible for an exception.



Our tours can get sold out many months in advance, therefore we recommend to book far upfront

Once you have choose your trip, you will find an online booking system at the bottom of the tour page

Green means available, red means sold out and white means doggies day off

If there is no availability for the trip you are looking for you can check on other tours but be sure to always choose a tour that is suitable for you.

If you do not find any availability that means we are sold out and the best thing to do is to check our website once in a while for cancellation

We are the only professional Dog Sledding company located in Reykjavik area/ South Iceland, any other advertisment about dog Sledding are from our resellers.


We take usually 12 participants per tour

The group of 12 is either divided on 3 sleds/ karts with  4participants on each.

If you are a group of 5 of small size we can (sometimes depending on the conditions) take you all together on the same sled/ kart – if not we will split your group.

If you are a group of 3 we will most likely take you all together on the same sled/kart, however it can happen that we need to split up your group.

If you are a couple, you can expect to share your sled/kart with another couple (we also offer private sled/kart option for an additional cost, upon request – request should be made in advance to guarantee availability)

If you are a single person you will ride with other people.

We can accommodate larger groups depending on the participants sizes, we however recommend to contact us far in advance to guarantee availability

If you are a larger group than 4- 5 you will be split up over 2 or more sleds/kart


Dog Sledding without the cold toes 😉

What do you do when there’s no snow?

You slap a couple wheels on that sled,  some seats and in front a steering wheel and a handbrake call it a

dog kart and hit the road. Dog-powered vehicles might not be the most efficient way to travel, but it’s probably the cutest.

Check out here our  Dry-land video, ultimate experience for dog lovers!



Most of our review are for the Dry-land tour, here are a few Dry-land reviews from Trip Advisor:

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 16, 2013

When we were researching on Iceland, we knew that Dog Sledding is one of the things that we have to do “snow” or “no snow”. I am glad we did it. My husband and I love dogs of all shapes and sizes so Dog Sledding was something we could not say no to. “Dogsledding Iceland” made it so easy and flexible for us because they have so many options to choose from. They have musher of the day package and also a basic sledding package. We opted for the basic sledding package because of lack of time and budget constraint. When we reached their farm, we were made to feel welcome by the crew and the dogs alike. Though we had taken only the sledding package, our musher told us all about mushing, introduced us to each dog and we spent a considerable time with all the dogs. The dogs are as friendly as the Icelandic people. They are strong but very affectionate. In fact the mushers were also very affectionate towards the animals which I really admired. Our musher who was from Holland told us some really funny stories about the dogs and kept us entertained throughout. His passion for mushing and love for dogs is an inspiring story in itself. Since there was no snow, the sledding was done on the grass but it was fun nonetheless. It reminded me of my carefree childhood days and school vacations. The smell of dogs, the bumpy ride and the warmth of canine love filled our hearts with joy. It is something that I will remember forever. I will most definitely recommend this activity to everyone who loves dogs and still has a child inside. It is a must do for people of all ages. My best wishes to the entire team including the dogs and I wish I could spend a whole day with the dogs at the farm rolling in the grass.

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 14, 2013

I was suppose to do this on my first day in Iceland but my Icelandair flight was cancelled. Siggi and Klara were gracious and accommodating to move it to another day. A guide from Eskimos drives us about an hour from Reykjavik to a farm where a team of dogs are ready awaiting us. I was in a trolley instead of a sled but either way I got to experience a team of dogs pulling me along for a ride. The dogs were awesome. Some were more friendly than others and some just rolled around inviting you to rub their belly. The staff was very nice and friendly. What made the dog sledding amazing was actually the picturesque beauty of the scenery. At one point, we stopped by the river and the setting sun just created a spectacular view. After the 5km ride, the staff gives us hot chocolate or tea and introduces us to all the other dogs on the farm.

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 11, 2013 via mobile

This trip was perfect! My partner arranged it all before we went and commented how amazing the customer service was. We went out on the sunset tour and it was just my partner and I, no other tourists which was all prearranged. The scenery was stunning and the sunset was incredibly romantic. We stopped after a little while to take in the scenery and to pet the dogs, at this point my partner proposed to me and the Siggi the owner of the dogs came over with a bottle of champaigne for us to celebrate our engagement. He also took photos of us and let us know that we could take as long as we wanted before setting off again. It really was an amazing experience, the dogs were all very friendly and enjoyed a cuddle. The customer service was second to none and I would definitely recommend this to everyone.


5 of 5 starsReviewed October 20, 2013

The dogsledding was a lot of fun.
The dogs are amazing and just waiting to go out there and run.
Even though we came offseason and had the tour on land and not snow, it was still great.
Nice to see all the dogs and especially the puppies.

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 14, 2013

We were unlucky not to get snow for our visit but this did not stop us from having an unforgettable experience! The company was honest about whether you would have snow or not and give you the option to cancel / refund your booking if you would prefer not to do it on the kart.

We said we would like to do it either way and we were so glad we did! Easy to follow roads to the farm, the guys that were working that day (I’m really sorry can’t remember names!) were so lovely. The dogs were very well looked after. They loved each and every one of the dogs and knew them all separately by name and each one’s personalities. We laughed at the playful puppies and the older dogs who were unimpressed with them! As we were the only 2 people to arrive on time we were also offered a ‘dog scooter’ session which was awesome!

We had an amazing time with everyone, thank you guys!


5 of 5 starsReviewed February 2, 2013

We left the Husky sledding until the last day of our visit to Iceland – wanted to leave on a high, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We drove here from just outside Selfoss, easy to get to, and staff really friendly on our arrival.
We did the adventure tour, longer and well worth the money you pay (also, because we drove there ourselves – rather than getting picked up in Reykjavik – it cost quite a bit less). Our musher Jurgen was a really cool guy, knew so much about the dogs and very passionate! Got to meet and harness the dogs before hand. There was no snow (…lots of ice!) but this really didn’t matter, its still just as awesome! Also got a hot chocolate after the sledding, and also more time to meet the rest of the dogs (and get a kiss from the Alaskan Malamute they also have 🙂 )
All in all, one of the best things I have ever done and highly recommend it!


4 of 5 starsReviewed January 25, 2013

We were aware there was no snow prior to our trip to the farm but this didn’t deter us and the staff worked very hard to please. OK so we were not in a sledge as such but the dogs pulled us in a 4 wheeled version and it was great fun. The dogs were real characters and at the ‘break’ we got the opportunity to get up close and personal – some great photo’s.
If you love dogs and want something a little different, go for it !


5 of 5 starsReviewed November 17, 2013

We had the most wonderful time with Dogsledding Iceland. The reservation and payment process was simple, the farm was easy to find with a hire-car and the whole experience ran smoothly. We especially loved the opportunity to meet each of the dogs and to pat them. It was such wonderful “therapy” to spend time with such well-mannered dogs and with trainers that respect them – we were happy for the rest of the day.

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 23, 2012

I flew to Iceland for just 2 days and the whole whistlestop holiday was to celebrate my birthday on a dogsledding experience. I had dreamed of this experience for weeks and when it finally came I was blown away by the whole day. There was no snow as such, but plenty of ice and wind to compensate. Both mushers for the day, Jurgen and Travis topped a perfect day for me, They had great personalities and were very knowledgable with the dogs and relaxed with it and easy on the eye ! lol…. The dogs were all in great working condition and the thrill and adrenaline of the whole day, whizzing across the beautiful terrain and lakes with the awesome huskies was out of this world . The sunset was breath taking and I truly still get goosepimples when I think of my special day. Perfect blend of everything for a day full of beautiful memories… thanks so much !

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 7, 2012

I was warmly met by the mushers, Travis and Jurgen, on a beautiful December morning. They are very young, knowledgeable and high-spirited individuals. The 42 ADORABLE huskies were such a joy to look at. There was not enough snow for dogsledding but that didn’t hamper my spirit because the moment the dogs saw me, they kept wagging their tails out of excitement! Also, the friendliness of the mushers and the very responsive Klara made this activity the highlight of my trip to Iceland.

If there is not enough snow, you will do the Dog Trolleying instead. It is a lot of fun!

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 6, 2012

My son and I really enjoyed our dogsledding experience and although it was over dry land as there was no snow this did not detract from the trip. Travis was really knowledgeable not only about dogsledding in Iceland but also about other dogsledding places he had worked in USA and Canada. This was one of the highlights of our trip to Iceland, as well as seeing the Northern lights of course.

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 21, 2012

We booked for the dog sledding tour in November but there was not enough snow fall to get the sleds out. This really disappointed me at first and I even considered cancelling the tour but when we got there, it was amazing and the highlight of our holiday!
Instead we went dog trolling which was still on the snow so it made up for my disappointment in mother nature.
Our musher was amazing and hilarious, he even let us have a little go at being a musher for 5 minutes which was a really lovely touch to the tour.

We were greeted by all of the lovely doggies in their kennels and they’re all so friendly. You can have thermal suits to put on over your clothes which i reccomend as it is COLD out there!
The dogs are so well looked after and it was so lovely to see they have such a close bond with all of the dogs considering how many of them there are! I lost my hat on the way there and on the way back I saw it in the snow, he kindly stopped so I could jump out and get it which was nice. The skies were beautiful and clear on the day we went and it made everything more special.
We had a team of 10 dogs with us which were all amazing and it was nice to hear a great knowledge of all of the dogs and why they are placed where in the line. Judge is my favourite, he is very special, a good leader and a playful dog.
The dogs love to run fast but will keep you at a steady pace so they can maintain their strength and run for hours. We went round a corner with 2 feet of fresh snow with the dogs running fast and it was a real adrenaline rush it was fantastic!
Everyone is happy to be there and it is evident they love their jobs, the tours are a bit pricey but you have to remember this is where they get there funding from so looking after those dogs is not cheap at all so it is worth spending the extra to have a great time and also help out the dogs at the same time.

Thankyou dog sledding Iceland, you really made our holiday! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 19, 2012

We initially booked the dog sledding tour and it changed to dog trolling as we went Iceland early November and there wasn’t any snow. Communication with Klara was excellent. She will reply to our email promptly and let us know in advanced what to prepare. All the dogs are friendly and we can go to the kennel and pet them. There are many chances to take photograph with the dogs. Overall experience is fantastic and I will surely try dog sledding the next time!

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 29, 2012

This dog sledding experience was a once in a life time opportunity. When we first arrived we were able to look at all the dogs and learn a little bit about their personalities.Then we helped to harness them up.(Which is really hard when the dogs are almost the size of a small pony!) All the dogs are very gentle, fluffy, playful and love any human fuss or love.
We went for a one hour ride in the amazing countryside, and me and my brother both had a turn at driving. It was really fun!
The staff there were helpful, knowledgeable and were happy to answer any questions.And we had loads!
At the end we had the chance to play with some of the lovely puppies.
Even though we could not do this on the snow, I would still really recommend this trip because it was my favourite thing to do in Iceland.
by Charlotte Wieland age 10

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 16, 2013
Google Translation

C’est une expérience immanquable pour chaque touriste en Icelande. Je le conseille TRES fortement ! Les chiens sont adorables (de gros nounours) et les mushers sont très qualifiés, sympathiques et répondent avec plaisir à chacune de nos questions ou de nos attentes.
Madame nature n’ayant pas voulu nous offrir de la neige pour mon séjour, j’ai effectué un tour dans les champs, appelé “Dry Land”. Le fait qu’il n’y ait pas de neige ne change rien à l’expérience, je dirai même que ça lui donne un autre charme (en + on a été tiré par 12chiens).
J’étais un peu craintive après la lecture de certains posts sur Tripadvisor. En effet, certaines personnes se plaignaient de la vitesse,… Pour ma part, j’ai adoré le fait de ressentir la puissance des chiens et Klara était à notre écoute s’assurant que nous étions toujours à l’aise et n’hésitant pas à ralentir si elle sentait que cela pourrait nous indisposer. Pour ma part, j’ai préféré ne pas ralentir car c’était vraiment drole et on ne se sent pas du tout en danger, …
Des pauses sont organisées pendant le tour pour pouvoir profiter de la magnifique vue, pour prendre des photos ou tout simplement s’amuser avec les chiens.
En gros, je vous le conseille FORTEMENT, c’est une activité INCONTOURNABLE!
Je souhaite le partager avec vous parce que c’est la meilleure activité que j’ai fait en Islande et elle pourrait gagner de la popularité 🙂



You are welcome to bring your camera on the ride and in the kennel.

Small camera are more convenient to carry.

A break half way through the ride is organised to take the pose with your team.



The clothing are very important for you to enjoy your experience.
Do not neglect your personal comfort specially in winter season.

This is what we recommend you to wear all year round:

Long under layer

Warm clothes as a woolen/flies sweater
Warm and waterproof outfit (pant and jacket)

Waterproof shoes that go above the ankle like boots or hiking boots

Accessories: Sunglasses, ski goggles, hat, gloves
Be dressed up as you were going skiing, but warmer as you might not be exercising during the ride while seating
You can easily buy all this clothing in Iceland and keep them as a souvenir
All of this clothing will also be useful during your trip to Iceland

Here is a link to a place to rent outdoor clothings from Reykjavik

All year:
For the ride we can provide you with thermal isolated suits or rain suits to wear over your clothing if it is needed.
The isolated suit will protect you from the cold and keep your clothing away from dog hairs, but you also need to wear warm clothing under to create a good base.
We can provide woolen gloves to keep you warm, we have spare hats and scarfs if needed


Full payment is required to make a reservation.

After making your reservation in our online booking system, you will be directed to a secured payment page VALITOR for the payment.

Payment can be made by Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.

The price is shown in Icelandic Krona, your bank will automatically make the conversion into your own currency when doing the transaction through you credit card. Additional bank fees might occur.


Minimum age 6years old:

Due to the fact that this is an outdoor activity and weather can not be controlled, we recommend children to be at least 6 years old to join our dog Sledding tour.

Minimum age 4years old:

Younger children down to 4 years old are welcome on our tours DOG 1 without transfer from April to September (warmest time of the year).

Despite the expected “warmer weather”, children must be properly dressed in warm outdoor  clothing to enjoy the ride.

We offer discount for kids up to 11years old




You can join any tour as long as someone else has already booked 2seats.

If you can’t find any open tour let us know the tour you would like the most (with or without transfer) and the dates you are available for it.

We will contact you has soon as we have a reservation for the tour


This website HERE will guide you on when the sun set and rise in Reykjavik

You can expect to have day light about 1hour before the Sunrise and 1h after the Sunset on a clear day



The months of the year when we could have snow are December to end of April.

Please be aware that we offer experience with sled dogs – in any case we CAN NOT guarantee it to be on SNOW even in the winter.

Only Make a reservation if you are keen with DRY-LAND  experience (click on the link to see the video)



We do not allow any visits while we are operating; our dogs interact with people during the tour and really enjoy this attention.

We recommend you to keep an eye on the website for cancellation, short notice cancellation do happen.

We are also publishing on our Facebook page the last-minute cancelation: https://www.facebook.com/dogsledtours.iceland/

Follow us to receive the notification.